Giant Monsters Make Me Smile: Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed

Between all the mega crossovers Marvel has had they had one that got lost in the shuffle, Monsters Unleashed. It’s a comic that has the Marvel Universe vs. Giant Monsters/Kaiju and that’s all you need to know. Cullen Bunn cut loose on a massive monster fighting fest and it’s beautiful in its simplicity. Simplicity is not a knock on this as sometimes all you need is giant monsters and on with the show kids. Sometimes an event can be that simple to dive into. I was underwhelmed by the first issue of this but in reading the Monster-Size collection, I fell in love with this wonderful piece of madness. Yes I am playing my hand too early but this isn’t as much a review as more, heck yes Giant Monsters. Let’s get on with this fun as I tell you of my love of Monsters Unleashed.

Monsters Unleashed is sheer joy in a comic book. Yes I know the story is bonkers but I believe that is what makes it beautiful.

One major factor is why I dig Monsters Unleashed as much as I do is simple, it really is just a straight up monster slug fest. The collective Marvel Universe set in battle against multitudes of monsters and that’s perfect. Even more cool is it brought Elsa Bloodstone back to the Marvel Universe and gave Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur a neat role. Some people are mixed on this event I know but for me, it works. Kei Kawade and his connection to the Monsters is a nifty little addition to the story. I’m a sucker for art based powers so Kei’s ability to draw monsters and have them come to life is so slick. The way this series plays out is simple, the new heroes of the Marvel Universe are the solution. That’s cool.

Though before you know what Kei’s role is in this and even after, you get lots of giant monster fights. If you’re someone who’s in the mood for an event that gives you what’s advertised, this is it. You get a new character to the Marvel Universe and unleashed imagination in the monster designs, I love it. Bunn’s story works for this and even more so you get a great group of artists, Leinil Francis Yu, Steve McNiven, Salvador Larroca, Adam Kubert, and Greg Land, each working on an issue of this event. With Jay Leisten inks on McNiven and Land and Gerry Alanguilan and Michael Jason Paz inks on Leinil’s work, it all looks great. Add in some gorgeous coloring by David Curiel and Michael Garland and you get a complete package of beauty.

Did I mention a lot of these fights are done in double page spreads? It enhances the joy. So much joy. So much wonder.

Inhumans Monsters Unleashed Mega Battle

Art: Steve McNiven and Jay Leisten. Color Artist: David Curiel, Lettered by: VC’s Travis Lanham

Oh and check out the size of the Monsters Unleashed collection in Hardcover, the sheer size of this is glorious.

Monsters Unleashed Monster Sized Trade

Photo taken by me and I don’t think I can do the sheer scale of this book justice.

Even I’m surprised at how much of a nerd out I am having with this. Of course then again, I do love Kaiju.

Avengers Assemble Monsters Unleashed

Yeah I can see why Monsters Unleashed wouldn’t be to the taste of everyone. I get it as some people would be wanting more than what they got. The major goal of this from what I can tell from Cullen Bunn’s story is bringing a new character to life. We get a new character and a new world to explore within the Marvel Universe. Even more so we get the entire Marvel Universe fighting freaking giant monsters, which is awesome. Heck, in the aftermath of Secret Empire we would love for something that simple right now. ┬áThis is the kind of event that all you need is a simple premise to open up a new world. Now I’m curious in the Monsters Unleashed series that came out of this. I do like Kei and want to know more about him and his monster friends.

Not a major spoiler considering the series is out there but we do get new monsters into the Marvel Universe. Now we have Kei/Kid Kaiju figuring out his place in the Marvel Universe with his new friends with his parents along for the ride. Yeah I am game for more of this and I’ll have to check this series out down the line. I wish I wouldn’t have waited this long to read Monsters Unleashed but I have now at least. Sometimes a series finds you when you need it and Monsters Unleashed was well timed for me in my eyes. When you need a simple and fun event story that introduces new characters and has large scale battles, Monsters Unleashed is perfect. Just what the proverbial comics doctor ordered.

Like I said, not really a review, just a massive excuse to nerd out about giant monsters.

Always remember this in your days my friends, giant monsters no matter what will always rule. A simple idea out of Marvel turns into a fairly fun event that deserves more attention. It got lost in the midst of everything else but give this a shot. I think you’ll like it as much as I do by the end of the story. If nothing else, you’ll get some great and gorgeous double page spreads out of it all. If you look further though I think you’ll find a fun little story. Give it a go and take some time to hang out with some Kaiju, you’ll be glad you did.