Adventures in the Wonderful World of Twitch Streaming

As the title says, I am now streaming on Twitch on a regular basis. It’s been an experience to say the least. Now how did I get into streaming on Twitch? Well, as per anything else in my life I kind of stumbled into it. It was one of those things I had only talked about doing and then I decided one day to just try it.  What followed was some of the most surprising new friends and wonderful people I have met in a long time. Over the next few weeks or so I’m going to share more of … Continue reading

The X-Journey: The Surprise of Rogue’s First Appearance in Avengers Annual #10

Avengers Annual #10 Cover Rogue

Welcome back to the X-Journey that dovetails into The Avengers with Rogue’s first appearance in Avengers Annual #10. The funny part of reading the origin for the first time is that it did surprise me. Oh, I knew that Rogue got her powers from Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel but I forgot what period of time this was for Carol. See there’s a different setup for Rogue’s first appearance than you’d expect. I have much more to say on this than I did Gambit’s first appearance. Mostly because Rogue’s first appearance is stranger than you’d think. You’ll see what I mean … Continue reading

The X-Journey: My First Read of Gambit’s First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #266

Uncanny X-Men #266 Gambit

In honor of the release of Mr. and Mrs. X, I decided to dive into the first appearance of Gambit. See I realized that there is a lot of X-Men lore that I never experienced. Hence I am going to dive into the X-Universe in a big way now. I have Marvel Unlimited so let’s do this thing. Since Gambit was one of my favorites as a kid I figure why not start with the first appearance of him. See I have no context for the story that’s happening with Gambit’s first appearance but that’s okay. We’ll fill in those … Continue reading

The Surprise Robert Kirkman-tastic Comic Launch of Die!Die!Die!

die!die!die! #1 cover Robert Kirkman

You wake up one lazy day, it’s a quiet one indeed, and Robert Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, and Chris Burnham unleashed a surprise onto comic shelves called Die!Die!Die! to shock us all. Now with Robert Kirkman co-creating the Walking Dead and Gimple being a showrunner and writer on the series, well that’s a powerhouse team right there. Then you have the powerhouse artist that is Chris Burnham on art duties, well that’s a big deal. Chris Burnham worked on freaking Batman Incorporated with Grant Morrison for goodness sake and multitudes of other projects along the way. How did this become … Continue reading

The Sequential Chronicles: Wesley vs. The Get Along Gang

Get Along Gang #1 Cover

Welcome to the second adventure into The Sequential Chronicles and yes you read the title right. This edition focuses on the Get Along Gang. I found an issue of it recently at a local convention and figured it would be perfect for this. Here’s fair warning, the story itself is fairly harmless. I mean it’s the Get Along Gang. For a lot of my younger readers though you may find it fascinating to learn a little more about this property. This was a show that aired all the time when I was a kid between syndication and cable stations. Nowadays … Continue reading

The Art of Refinding your Mojo

ambush bug mojo

So, hi Internet, this is straight up a blog. Nothing fancy, just me wanting to have a quick chat. I don’t really care that much about SEO here or anything else. All this post is about is really getting my mind back on track again. I’m slowly working my way back to functioning so to speak. It’s weird to admit this and I know not many people will read this blather but hey, here we are. I feel it’s important to sort of talk about what the heck is going through your mind. Some people don’t like talking about whatever … Continue reading

The Sequential Chronicles: The New Avengers/Transformers Journey

New Avengers Transformers #4 Cover

If you’re someone who has a particularly large comic collection what do you do? Apparently you come up with the idea of talking about your collection on the Internet. In my weird magical adventures online I have always searched for an article that screams me. The Sequential Chronicles seems to be fitting. How strangely appropriate that I’m going to talk about New Avengers/Transofrmers for my first piece in this journey. These won’t really be reviews in any normal sense of the word. Just me talking about my experience and my adventure with it. The journey will be a little strange … Continue reading

Wes Reads 2/18/18: Catching up With Valiant, That’s the Issue, and More!

That's the Issue Logo

Now I’m on a schedule of sorts between That’s the Issue on Multiversity and Graphic Policy, time to get back into daily blogging.  I fell off the rails early on this year but now I’m back into things. Okay I fell off the rails most of 2017 but I feel like 2018 I’m in a major rebuilding process. I’m catching up on books I missed the first time around for example. I remember my running gag with Rhymes with Geek of I always fell behind on Valiant worst of all, by golly it remains true. I’m fixing though as I … Continue reading

Wes Reads Catch Up Edition 12/5/17: Sing Song Ladycastle

Ladycastle Wes Reads

I’ve needed an informal blog format between the more serious reviews here and there. So hello Wes Reads Catch Up edition. As I am going through my backlog and just tearing through comics and books I haven’t read yet. I was tempted to put Ladycastle and Justice League of America into the same title but that would be a mess. I’m tempted to blog on more informal stuff too as Warren Ellis inspired me in his newsletter to do it. Heck if informal blogging makes a weird comeback in the coming year, rock and roll Wes Reads will be ready … Continue reading

Pondering Guardians of Infinity and The Handling of The Collections

Guardians of Infinity Marvel Comics Cover

In surprise library finds, I saw Guardians of Infinity on the shelf and since I wanted to read it, I grabbed it. Then I saw another collection of Guardians of the Galaxy called, Tales of the Cosmos. I wondered what it was and noticed they were back-up stories from Guardians of Infinity. Now this was strange to me as I wondered why they weren’t collected together as one book. Since they were both there I decided to grab them both. Now this piece will be part review at points and a brain dump too. Consider this casual blog time. Enjoy … Continue reading