The Bloggity Session 4/26/16: The Back Issues Are Here!

Today has been what we call reading through the back issues day. This edition of The Bloggity Session is more my own personal adventure into reading cool stuff that makes me smile. It is more an opportunity to recharge myself as I keep myself on a daily schedule here on the blog too. See the thing about me is I love talking comic books, wrestling, television, and whatever else. I do have a love for comics that are pure fun and joy. That’s why I have been going on these back issue adventures as I learn about books that I get the feeling would appeal to me. I did read the Lion of Rora and loved that to death, great book if you haven’t read it. From Lion of Rora I dived into the What If? #7 I got that Rob Liefeld worked on and that will be a bigger story to come as that surprised me quite a bit. I also started reading Larry Hama’s Nth Man and oh my goodness I am loving it so far, that is going to be detailed later though as trust me, this is going to be so many levels of awesome, you have no idea. Of course since it is Tuesday night what did I do with part of my evening? Why watch The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. of course! Hello Tuesday night television.

After dinner and back issue reading, Tuesday night television was a calling and it was a solid night I have to say. The Flash was cool, I like the direction it is heading in right now. I like when a show puts the hero in a different situation than normal and what the show is up to works for me. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing solid work with the Inhumans and so forth, yet it is treading dangerously into Angel Season Four territory but on a lesser scale. I’m still optimistic but hopeful that it is leading to a cool place, considering the preview for next week it could be heading into that cool place quickly. I’ve stuck it out with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. though and have been trusting of where it is heading so I’m keeping an open mind and seeing how it fares in the coming episodes.

This is a short Bloggity Session as I want to keep diving into my back issues and I’ve continued reading the X-Force Omnibus I got from my library awhile back. A good late night of reading lies ahead of me and I am chomping at the bit to get back into it. Writing to dive into, lots of good books and comics to read, just another day in the life of me. Thanks for reading The Bloggity Session and I hope you all are doing well out there. Take care everyone and I shall see you all tomorrow! Bye for now!

The Bloggity Session 4/25/16: The WWE Raw Edition

Welcome back to The Bloggity Session! Tonight I am watching WWE Raw live for the first time in awhile. The reason why I am watching WWE Raw tonight is simple, Gotham isn’t on and Supergirl has finished up its season. There is nothing else on so live WWE Raw it is. It hasn’t been a bad show overall yet me and the WWE have been on quirky terms viewing wise. There is cool stuff happening yet I can’t bring myself to get hyped. Mostly because of the fact that I know with WWE that whenever I get hyped, something goofy happens. There is a gag here that for as positive as I am about comics and the future it holds, my views on pro wrestling go all over the place. I love Lucha Underground, plan on making a habit of checking out ROH again, and WWE is improving but there is still a long way to go. The crowd tonight is awful too, add in all the “What!?” and “CM Punk” chants and more, you get a pretty brutal night. Good matches but a bad crowd does a number on everything. I say this though, WWE did a great job with the tribute to Chyna, well done WWE. A WWE Raw of ups and downs. It does give me ideas though, I may have to think about doing more with pro wrestling at some point, we shall see.

WWE Raw Logo

I may have to think seriously about doing more coverage of pro wrestling here on the blog. There is a lot to say on it and it would be a good way for me to get a weekly thing here. It would be fun to talk more on pro wrestling, WWE and so forth. Heck any excuse to talk more on Lucha Underground and encouragement to check out more wrestling isn’t a bad idea. I’ll think about that as I still have other projects I plan on diving into soon here. My back issues arrived today so that project will be starting soon. Looking forward to diving more into the Nth Man and Power Company for sure. Of course my list of comics to dive into is large either way but I am looking forward to the journey to come. This my friends is going to be a fun ride for sure. So much wonderful reading lies ahead for me, I can’t wait to begin.

Now I shall end this Bloggity Report here for now, thanks for reading as always and I am proud that I have been able to keep this up daily so far. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Take care and hope you all are doing well out there. Take care and bye for now!

The Bloggity Session for 4/22/16: Sorting Through the Back Issues

Welcome to my daily column idea, The Bloggity Session. This is my way of talking about whatever is popping into my mind and gives me a loose way to update you all on what I’m up to. Right now it has been sorting out further on my back issue adventures. I’m finally narrowing it down to what I want to write about here. Writing about series in long form is actually one of my bigger plans for this blog o’mine here. I like back issues, I love finding cool series that haven’t been collected, and also from time to time I just love hunting for back issues. You don’t get that as often nowadays depending on where you are but around here, I find I have ample opportunity to do my fair share of back issue hunting. Yet on some stuff I even have to do the grand internet wander of hitting up the stores and sellers to find stuff. I do love though when my local Half Price Books has issue packs collecting four or more books for usually between three to seven dollars, that is always a good time. Of course lately I’ve mostly found a strange bit of Lobo, Azrael, and other assorted random. Hence why I have a order on the way completing my Power Company run, and a couple more weird things I want to talk about as I didn’t know they existed until recently.

Recently I saw images of this odd What If? that Rob Liefeld did art for and it looked totally bonkers, which means I needed it in my life. Turns out it was What If? #7 from Vol. 2 of the series. As I was already making the Power Company part of my order I figure why not add the What If? to the haul right? Then I discovered this other book called the Nth Man, which I had never heard of until recently. It was released back in 1989 and written by Larry Hama and in the small bit I have heard about it, this sounds amazing. I won’t say too much as if this promises what I think it should, oh this is going to be something to look forward to experiencing first hand. I somehow have an Excalibur issue that has the Nth Man in it too, so I am surprised this didn’t hit my radar until now. As for The Power Company, it’s a DC series that I always meant to read more of but some how slipped past me somewhere along the way. I am a fan of Kurt Busiek so anything with him involved I am likely to be game to give a go.  I am looking forward to all of this immensely, the order is also supposed to be here on Monday so I am excited!

What if? Vol. 2 #7 Marvel Comics Cover


See that cover of What if? and realize why I could not wait to have this craziness in my life. I always like to say in my comic reading, I read everything and I just love comics by golly. I have all sorts of cool back issues on the way and this should be a great time. Now with this first edition of The Bloggity Session out of the way, let the daily adventures begin here. In between larger pieces I plot out, The Bloggity Sessions are my relaxed times just talking comics and whatever else pops into my mind. Put it this way, this is me chatting with you all a bit. Thanks for reading and to all of you who have been reading my blog thus far, thank you so much. The best is yet to come, take care and hope you all are doing well out there.