Thought Process: The DC Hanna-Barbera Comic Revamp

Scooby Apocalypse DC Comics

This morning via Entertainment Weekly DC announced that they are doing new comics revamping a group of Hanna-Barbera characters. When I first saw Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Wacky Races, and Future Quest uniting a bunch of the action characters, personally this sounds cool to me. Future Quest putting Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, Mightor, The Galaxy Trio, Birdman, The Impossibles, and Frankenstein Jr. in one book, wow that is amazing! Wacky Races taking influence from Mad Max: Fury Road and making it into Wacky Race Land, heck yes I want that in my life. The Flinstones have a nice design to them because it is Amanda Conner did the new designs and it can’t help but look good. Then you get into the fun zone of the Scooby Doo in the Scooby Apocalypse book. Once people saw the re-design of Scooby-Doo and the gang, parts of the Internet lost their minds. The re-designs by Jim Lee are actually fun for the idea of a Scooby Apocalypse but of course, Internet and anything new equals divided opinions in about five seconds. Yet to me this is not such a bad thing as right now, this is the most people have talked about anything Hanna-Barbera consistently in a long time.

Future Quest DC Comics

Now we know creative teams at least loosely for all the books and I’ll list them below for good measure.

You have Future Quest with Jeff Parker writing it and Evan “Doc” Shaner drawing the book? Wow! That’s an amazing team to have on this series and DC could not have done any better in having them working together on this project. On another note the Darwyn Cooke piece for this is gorgeous and I want it as a poster. This is the series that personally I can’t wait to see how it comes together and my must buy of the whole Hanna-Barbera adventure here.

With Wacky Race Land you have the Wacky Races concept with re-designed vehicles by one of the designers on Mad Max: Fury Road, Mark Sexton. In all I’ve read I haven’t heard officially if he’s the artist on the comic or not but his designs are cool as all get out. I love that the writer of this is Ken Pontac who has worked on many cartoons including ReBoot and Mighty Max but he has written for over the top violent but oddly hilarious Happy Tree Friends. I can’t wait to see how this comes together but this is becoming second only to Future Quest on my level of excitement for this new line.

Now The Flintstones is one I don’t know that much about yet. I know that Amanda Conner did the designs and I know that Mark Russell is writing it. It is supposed to be in line with the comedic and have social commentary and so forth to it. I’m hit or miss on this one as I like The Flintstones but I’ve never been compelled to follow anything much outside of their cartoon show. I did watch that insane WWE/Flinstones crossover movie but you know, that is digressing a bit here.

Scooby Apocalypse is going to be insane and that it is last here is more the fact that I don’t know how this one will play out. You have DC Co-Publisher im Lee with the re-design and Keith Giffen with Howard Porter handling art duties. I think likely Giffen is writing with Jim Lee getting the re-design credit. We don’t know much else about the series right now outside of the fact that this is one serious re-design. This is the one that broke a few minds on the Internet but Scooby Doo has been through so many re-designs over the years that maybe a radical one like this could be a fun one.


Wacky Race Land DC Comics

This is all we know about the Hanna-Barbera Reboot adventure at DC Comics. I haven’t seen this much conversation about Hanna-Barbera in a good while and you know that’s great to see people talking about these properties again. Wacky Races has long been on the back burner and most of the action properties have been on the shelf for years now so this is wonderful to see them come back. If you’re not happy about this for some strange reason, wait for the books to come on the shelf before you continue into the land of the cranky. If you dislike it after reading the comics then it isn’t your cup of tea. I am looking forward to this and these characters getting time in the spotlight again. Even if I’m hit or miss on The Flintstones I am hoping that the book turns out well. I am also allowing myself one last excitement blast over Future Quest as that comic should be mind blowing will likely be the one that’ll satisfy new and old fans alike.

The books make their debut on the shelves in May and then we can all judge for ourselves how this is all going to play out. With this and a DC Rebirth on the way, life at DC Comics has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.


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