Adventures in the Wonderful World of Twitch Streaming

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As the title says, I am now streaming on Twitch on a regular basis. It’s been an experience to say the least. Now how did I get into streaming on Twitch? Well, as per anything else in my life I kind of stumbled into it. It was one of those things I had only talked about doing and then I decided one day to just try it.  What followed was some of the most surprising new friends and wonderful people I have met in a long time. Over the next few weeks or so I’m going to share more of them. Yet for today, I’m just going to tell you what I am up to with Twitch and put a spotlight on one person in particular. So, sit back and relax as I dive into my adventures into Twitch and beyond.

If you happen to want to follow me on Twitch by the way, I am so feel free to say hi and hang out. 

I told some of this on That’s the Issue but there is a little more to the story. One day I happened to be on Twitch and I had been mostly wandering around. I would call it, I was trying to figure out how it worked. So I looked at a lot of front page streams and as they call it on Twitch, I lurked. I happened upon Lissane’s stream from the front page, she was playing Fallout 4. I decided to say hi and well, people were nice. She was nice, I got gifted a sub for a bad pun by Natiffan, and it was pretty awesome. It made me so happy that I joined The Nest Discord and my journey into Twitch began in full. 

See I had talked about doing Twitch semi seriously, more as a curiosity at best. After all I had no idea about streaming software, game capturing, or anything at all. When I did learn about those and figured out how to get streaming to work, it was only the beginning. First off, streaming off an older laptop is a bad idea for gaming because everything broke for me. Trust me, it was nasty. I saw the clips of those and it was a horror show and a half. Yet, I wasn’t deterred. So I asked my Parents because they could tell I was serious about this,  if I could get an advance birthday present and get a Gaming PC. They loved the idea and I got a new rig. So between supportive people, supportive parents, and a little luck, I am in Twitch to stay. 

If people are nice, I will post those clips of my early streams because they are terrible. Dropped frames and the whole kit and kaboodle. It was a nightmare. 

Now after I got the Gaming PC and all that, now my streams run fine. Yet now I have to fine tune the layouts and all that stuff, so now we are in the fine tuning stage of streaming. One thing I learned is getting the stream to work is only phase one, there’s more to it than that my friends. I’m still learning how to be better at interactions and that’s only the start. Heck I just found a game or two I really enjoy playing, which is a big thing in streaming too, enjoying what you play. Being nice to your chatters is important too, I learned that from being online but on Twitch it is huge. It’s what got me to hang out in the streams I hang out in, if you’re nice to me in chat, I will chat and hang out. That’s how it rolls. 

As for my plans for streaming, I do plan on continuing to stream my journey on Dragon Quest XI. I’ll be likely an afternoon or evening streamer scheduling wise. It seems to work best for me so far. I also try and make it so I don’t interfere too much with other streamers in my community of friends. Hence why I don’t really have a day to day schedule, at least yet. I do also want to do more comic book based programming, between talk shows and just talking comics in general. Meaning I venture into talk show category which is going to be an adventure in itself. I have some other ideas but those are the more solid plans I have in store for my Twitch channel.

Now this is where we get into the plugging a streamer section. She helped me out a lot in my early days of streaming and she’s been a good friend to me. Happy Birthday SpaceAmanda and on with the promo. 

If I was ever going to promo someone first, it was going to end up being Amanda. She and I started talking back and forth just casually, then one day I had a rough night and she talked me through it. It meant a lot to me and I was already hanging in her streams but that earned my loyalty. She does a lot of variety streaming, lately Overwatch and she’s been teaching me the ropes on that game too. She’s also an amateur astronomer, she has a rocking etsy shop, and numerous other awesome things she does. She even attends conventions so if she’s at one near you, check out her facebook page. If you want to learn even more, take a look at her webpage.

I know I’m going to have missed some of the cool things Amanda does but I just wanted to give her this shout out. She’s an absolutely dear friend and I’m lucky to know her. Happy Birthday Amanda, thanks for being a good friend when I needed it. I know I’ll be hanging in your stream but also happy three months of being subscribed to you on your channel. Now after that probably overly adorable promo for a friend and me slightly blushing, let’s finish this blog of fun shall we?

Yes, when I do a plug for someone it is usually me blushing because I hope I get it right. It’s either I get teary or I blush the entire time, no real in-between with me. 

So feel free and join me on my Twitch journey and also say hi to my friend SpaceAmanda. Thanks for reading this and I do plan on more updates to this blog after this too. I think I got my spark back. Take care everyone and I hope you all have a great day out there. 

Wes Reads Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #1: The Childhood Dream Come to Life!

Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #1 Cover

Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #1 mixes two things I adored from my childhood, Street Fighter and G.I. Joe. I played a ton of Street Fighter II in all its forms in the arcade and at home and I still have a sizable G.I. Joe collection from my childhood. I even own the Street Fighter G.I. Joe toys for goodness sake. In my mind trying to give a formal review for this was going to be difficult to say the least. So I decided, let’s go for the casual review format of the Wes Reads. As Street Fighter x G.I. Joe made my inner child happy from the name alone. With my comic book now in hand, I was fully prepared to lose my mind and full admission, this made me happy. This is one moment where I am glad I don’t have a rating system. One initial title for this was F’yeah Comics: Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #1 because this was the kind of comic where I said F’yeah many times. It’s a pure joyous fight comic at its core and it doesn’t hide that either. It’s story mixed in with lots of endless action and tons of fun. Of course some of you may stop here as you already know I am a happy Wesley right now. Yet, I compel you to read on if you’re not totally sold on why you need Street Fighter x G.I. Joe #1 in your life, because in all honesty, you really do need this book.

Aubrey Sitterson writes this in such a way that you can’t help but embrace the energy he puts into this comic. Emilo Laiso’s art takes the energy from Sitterson’s script and cuts loose with killer coloring work from David Garcia Cruz. Even Robbie Robbins lettering works with the video game and cartoon energy that Street Fighter x G.I. Joe has. It all works to bring this glorious comic to life. Sure you are thrown into this with little to no exposition but before you know it you’re learning what is going on and why the Street Fighter characters are fighting the G.I. Joe team. You have eight characters with four from Street Fighter and four from G.I. Joe. It’s Crimson Viper, Hakan,  Rufus, and Ryu for Street Fighter with Snake Eyes, Baroness, Roadblock, and Jinx for the G.I. Joe side. The reason why I got why I dig everyone involved before I dived into story is simple, all the creators make this grouping of warriors work. You even have M. Bison and Destro watching the festivities like Mil Muertes on his throne in Lucha Underground, yeah I really loved this a lot. I’m really not hiding my love for Street Fighter x G.I. Joe at this stage of the game.

Roadblock Giant Gun

Sitterson’s staging is what you can’t help but dig, he really gives Laiso and Cruz as an art team a lot to work with. Lots of bright colors, high excitement, and great action are peppered throughout the first issue. Sitterson makes a point to explain the basic idea of what is happening here, gives you info on the characters, and then onward into another fight and it works. The story and the fights flow into one another seamlessly, set up in such a way that you feel like you are in a video game that happens to be in the pages of a comic book. Even the G.I. Joe characters get their own special moves similar to the Street Fighter characters at points. In overkill fighting game glory Roadblock gets out a giant gun in his fight and it is amazing as he flashes a wicked smile as the bullets are flying, it is just too cool. Put it this way, every fight in the comic will have a moment where you are smiling ear to ear. It’s why I will say Emilo Laiso and David Garcia Cruz outdid themselves here, capturing the liveliness of a video game is tough and the team worked in harmony with Sitterson’s script, I really can’t help but love all of this to pieces.

Street Fighter x G.I. Joe is pure unadulterated fun. The back matter of the book fills in the back story of the comic too, as in the fights you missed. You even get G.I. Joe style file cards for the characters too, which I adore. I do say I would have loved more issues detailing the fights mentioned in the back but it’s all good as I still dig this. You get a solid plot with a ton of action, how cool is that right? Yes there are going to be fans who may not dig this as much but for me, Street Fighter x G.I. Joe hits the spot. It’s simply put a comic that truly earns my original title for this, F’yeah comics. If you enjoy Street Fighter, if you enjoy G.I. Joe, or if you just like fun, make Street Fighter x G.I. Joe a part of your life immediately.