GWL Reborn 9/3/17: Lacking Game of Thrones on a Sunday

Now this my friends is what we call a shameless SEO moment with Game of Thrones. Of course no Game of Thrones for more than a year on HBO makes me sad. Here we are though, a Sunday without Game of Thrones. Yes, I know we’ll have The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead soon but that doesn’t fill the hole. Nothing fills my Sundays best like seeing a dragon or two on my TV screen, alas I’ll just have to settle for zombies in Georgia. Of course, now I am left with what to do with my Sunday nights TV wise. Well there’s always fun options and we’re going to talk that and more in the daily GWL adventures. Join me won’t you? On with the show my friends and what a show it is indeed.

Yes I made the shameless SEO Game of Thrones gag so no one else has to. I make the jokes before the rest of the peanut gallery.

Game of Thrones logo HBO

Shameless Game of Thrones HBO Image here.

It is strange when you’re without Game of Thrones or any sort of show that a lot of people talk about. Walking Dead used to be that show everyone talked about on a Sunday. Now while the Walking Dead is still getting ratings that most networks would kill for, the social media engagement isn’t there. Unless something huge happens on The Walking Dead, people just watch and go on their merry way. Now you note I don’t mention Fear the Walking Dead here as that show never quite had that level of engagement. The first season of Fear the Walking Dead had curiosity value and then it faded away fast. Yet another show that gets decent ratings but no one really talks about. Of course I will say the recent season has been pretty good. So there’s that.

Now outside of a podcast recording tonight for That’s the Issue with my pal Matt Lune, my Sunday is open. Matt and I go on really weird hiatuses with that show but of course that also coincided with Game of Thrones. Sunday night was one of our backup recording nights until Game of Thrones and we both like it a lot. It may not be a great guest night but for Matt and I to get a show recorded, Sunday night is perfect. Considering we are discussing Secret Empire and finishing that up, we’ll be looking forward to a new journey podcast wise. It is funny that for awhile That’s the Issue became a Secret Empire podcast, but it did. Did I mention I’m glad that outside of the epilogue Secret Empire is over? I am really glad Secret Empire is over.

More to come on my thoughts on Secret Empire on the podcast. I have thoughts, so many thoughts on that. Have fun.

Now I roll out and see what my Sunday will have in store for me. I’ll likely get a wild hair and come up with something fun to do. Maybe even catch up on some more reading. Oh if you haven’t noticed my plan is with this blog to do at least one daily post of blogging. Nothing fancy, just me talking about whatever I want for a hot minute here. It is my blog and you know I should do more long form rambling outside of 140 word tweet blasts. For anyone that read my mega ramble, I thank you as that was two hours of my life. I appreciate anyone that read that and if you haven’t, I understand. I completely understand as that is a 1,000+ word adventure. Even if you just glanced at it I appreciate it. It’s all good either way.

I am going to get back to my Sunday adventures as right now I am writing this while I am waiting for my laundry to finish. Go me being productive on both fronts. Till next post, be well, be kind, and always remember to be wonderful to each other. Bye for now!

The GWL Adventures 2/9/16: Setting Up The Reading Adventures for the Blog

reading books

A big part of any comic book based blog in reading projects is setting up what you want to read for it. Now here’s the thing with me, I have to organize myself or else my brain goes all over the place. You ever want a level of comedy just watch me try to narrow down projects. It becomes the equivalent of someone in a candy store trying to figure out what he wants to buy but knows he can only buy a couple things. So I went through my comics and narrowed it down to a select bit of comics I want to dive into. That’s not including the long term projects I’m planning on diving into more too. I am going to make point to make these blogs a more regular thing too. These are the Chill Bloggity Thing I did at one point, just GWL Adventures sounds cooler. Anyway, yes I have reading to do soon. The Goodreads Files are going to start pretty soon, mostly because I am backlogged on my reading period. I swear the battle over comic book backlog is going to be a long and wacky adventure, I’m cool with it. Backlog and a reader seem to be a way of life at this point and continue to tie into my ongoing reading adventures.

These are also a great way to get the writing juices flowing either way, I talk about what I’m up and I get a relaxed conversation flow going with you all. Which by the way leads me to another point, feel free to leave me a comment on my stuff. I’m encouraging that as with most of the sites I’ve written at it is tough as nails to get comments going so feel free, say hi. This blog and site in general is about cool stuff that I’m digging and exploring and creating conversation at the same time. I love interactivity so have fun with it, relax, read, and chat with me. So far I am enjoying how this blog is doing so far, and these upcoming posts I’m working on are going to be a lot of fun I think.

I appreciate you all for reading anything I’ve written here so far, I really do appreciate it. It’s been great and every last one of you that have RT’d, liked my facebook page, say hi to me on twitter, whatever else, it is all appreciated. I hope you all are having a good day and me I’m going to continue enjoying my snow day. Take care everyone!