Scales and Scoundrels #1: My Heart for a Bit of Treasure

My goodness, Scales and Scoundrels is a clever comic. From the co-creator of Shirtless Bear-Fighter, Sebastian Girner and Galaad, Scales and Scoundrels is a treat. Now considering I love Shirtless Bear-Fighter, Scales and Scoundrels was likely to be a winner for me. Yet to be honest as I saw this comic, I had no idea who was working on it. Not a clue at all as to who the creative team was. When I saw the cover and saw the team I did a happy dance to the comic store register. I knew without a doubt that this was going to be a comic straight up my alley. Of course as I am want to do, I like playing my hand too early. Yet there is so much more to explore with Scales and Scoundrels. Join me on this delightful fantasy adventure and learn more about this new series.

Scales and Scoundrels #1 Cover

Oh and the cover is also ridiculously cool. Note the cool looking dragon too.

Just know now before anything else, you want Scales and Scoundrels in your life. You need this comic in your life. Trust me.

Scales and Scoundrels #1 Cool City Image Comics

Isn’t this just gorgeous? I love it.

One thing I learned from Shirtless Bear-Fighter is Girner is someone not afraid to cut loose on humor. Scales and Scoundrels has that in spades but there is a definite heart to this comic developing at light speed. Before you even learn her name, Luvander is shown as a strong and delightful character. She’s a great fighter, mystical, and knows what she wants out of life. Luvander is going to be someone fun to get to know as we go through this series. You don’t mess with her gold and if you come after her, you’re going to regret it immediately. There is more though as within the first issue you can see a compelling cast forming before your very eyes.

See I love world building and I love the possibilities each world of a new series could give me, Scales and Scoundrels has that in spades. Within one issue you’re introduced to an entire town of possible characters to work with, a villain, a traveling party, and it all flows together with ease. That’s a tough thing to do but Girner does it. Introducing multiple new characters, giving all of them a unique personality and giving life to our main protagonist in the process, that’s ambitious and I like it. Why the premise of our fantasy world works though is she’s always at the forefront. There’s even something called the Urden in play, I’m officially curious about that. I cannot wait to know more about the Urden.

Special note: The card game they were playing in the Tavern at the beginning of Scales and Scoundrels looks fun. I want to play that game.

Scales and Scoundrels Dragon's Horde

This game really and I mean really looks like fun.

The name of the game is Dragon’s Horde and yeah, I now need this to exist. Please and thank you.

Another piece that surprised me about this comic is Galaad’s artwork. How in the world had I never heard of Galaad until this series? How is that even possible? Scales and Scoundrel’s world building in the writing is one thing, but what Girner concocted with Galaad’s art is another. You see large cities for at least this part of the series for Luvander to roam in, which gives the series a sense of scale. Even more delightful is the life Galaad gives each of the characters. From Luvander herself with a winning smile and determination like no other, to the smallest character in the background, this series has energy. It also has a cool color palette, it’s bright but also dream like, I love the look it has.

What caught my eye in particular is there’s a double page spread that gives us a glimpse into Luvander’s childhood. You have this great eye popping bit from Jeff Powell’s lettering, showing how these words echo in her mind. You get just enough of a hint of things to come in each aspect of Galaad’s art and what Girner gave him in the script, it’s great work. A great hint of what’s to come while still not giving us everything, yet. Second part that caught my eye is the fight scenes in this comic are excellent. Let me say this for those of you out there who give this a chance, you will never be bored reading this. Without a doubt, Scales and Scoundrels has endless excitement within each page.

Oh I know this is probably the most hyper positive piece of mine possibly ever but you know, Scales and Scoundrels rocks darn it.

You could already tell from the first paragraph that I like this comic. It’s a me kind of comic. Scales and Scoundrels is wonderful and I highly recommend giving it a go. Get it, love it, have fun, and enjoy the glorious ride. You’ll be craving more by the last page. Go forth and embrace some fun fantasy goodness.