The Bloggity Session 4/24/16: Game of Thrones has Returned!

Welcome back to another adventure in The Bloggity Session! Today has been a fairly low key day on this end. Saw two episodes of Daredevil, getting closer to finally finishing the series and it is a weird ride I have to say. I am starting to see where things are linking together but it is a little bouncy focus wise. I’ll have to judge more after the series is over, I still enjoy it though but The Punisher is still one of the best things about the show. Even Once Upon a Time was solid tonight yet of course as you all know, Game of Thrones is back. After a long time away Game of Thrones has returned to absorb our Sunday nights once more. Fear the Walking Dead is going to have a tough go against the almighty Game of Thrones powerhouse rising on HBO. I can already see that this season of Game of Thrones is going to have the fanbase buzzing. Some stuff I was hoping to happen hasn’t happened, yet there was quite a few surprises in store. I’m keeping it spoiler free but I’m curious as to how this season is going to play out. Reminds me I need to read the books at some point, desperately need to read the books. I have them all outside of The Hedge Knight stuff so I may have to get on that reading adventure fairly soon.

Game of Thrones Opening Credits

It is going to be weird to see how reactions are to this season. Game of Thrones starting with this season is now out of any territory the books have covered. Meaning that the book and television viewers of Game of Thrones are experiencing the show together, not knowing what is going to happen next. I’m intrigued to see the conversations and reviews of the show in the coming weeks and months about this season of the show. This is the second year I’m watching after being a DVD/Blu-Ray only watcher of the show for a long period of time. While I do miss getting to watch the show all at once it is also fun to be able to experience the show with the rest of the Game of Thrones audience. I add this to the Walking Dead level of shows of television I must watch the same night. If not I will have the entire show spoiled and know every single little thing about it before I know it. There are some shows I will be okay with being a day or two delayed but Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are two shows I know people will spoil without mercy. I can’t blame people for discussing the show though, it’s a complicated battle to say the least.

Nothing else to report tonight, tomorrow I get my massive comic order and the fun shall truly begin. Till next post, thanks for reading and I hope you all are doing well out there. Take care everyone! Bye for now.