Thought Process on DC Rebirth Rumors: The Slow News Day Made Interesting

DC Rebirth Image

DC Rebirth, you’ve heard about it, I’ve heard about it, and if you’ve even wandered in comics internet at all, you know something about it. The DC Rebirth rumors appearing on Bleeding Cool since late January, it’s been a topic of conversation. Today on February 2nd, 2016 on Bleeding Cool as it has been all day DC Rebirth rumors all the time. It must be a slow news day as even Comic Book Resources reported on the BC Rumors. Normally I would wait for official confirmation. Yet when CBR is reporting on the rumors, I feel why the heck not say something on it. It’s on my mind, it is on your mind, and let’s have ourselves a good old DC Rebirth jamboree of conversation. I want to process this, you want to process this craziness. As always as you read this, this is all rumors. Every single last bit of this are rumors. The only confirmation is from DC themselves with that Rebirth image. Outside of that we know little else. It’s fun to speculate on these things but Bleeding Cool is a rumor site, so take it as you will. Anyway, on to my Thought Process on the DC Rebirth rumors as by golly miss molly I got a lot to say on this.

First off, the one big shiny rumor out of this that something within Batman V Superman is part of this Rebirth is fascinating. According to this rumor it says that there’s a plot point within Batman V Superman that no one working on any of the new comics or in editorial know a thing about. Oh man alive this is going to be fascinating if proven true. As the rumor was that the line is going to have a Movies and Television focus to it then this sort of thing makes a certain amount of sense. We are nearing the date of the release of this film fast and by the way keep your spoiler radars on full alert, this will probably end up a spoiler before release. I can easily see it happen as this concerns a comic event and if this is part of it, someone is going to spoil that sucker on overdrive. Boy the curiosity of comic fans got even more piqued or horrified depending on your view of Batman V Superman thanks to this rumor huh?

Now we even have creative team rumors coming out of this, Tom King possibly writing Batman on a bi-weekly basis with Peter Tomasi taking over Superman on a bi-weekly basis. Now also on the actual article Rich made a potential whoops and put bi-monthly but I’m thinking he meant bi-weekly as he has in the title of the article. I like both writers and if it is true then the books will be in good hands with them at the helm of both series. The bi-weekly is going to be tough haul either way but both writers are good hands, now we’ll see who they get on art but at least writing wise we’re in good shape if the rumors are proven true. Of course these are only two names we know so far and again we are in the lovely land of Rumorville.

Then we get into the whole “Rebirth” book release before the release of the relaunched titles with a #1 to follow the release. With of course Batman potentially having a #1 release in June. I mean, bi-weekly wonderland sure but a “Rebirth” book would be better say in the concept of a pre-release book talking about DC’s new concept. I have no idea how this one is going to play out either way. I know again, we’re in rumor land but I hope this is plotted out better than what I’m reading from the rumor mill.  I hope it is used more for a select few books if they go that route with this rumor of a “Rebirth” issue to lead into the #1. I think the idea of a “Rebirth” in this DC Rebirth initiative would be better as a free pre-release book but I have no idea how this will play out so we shall have to see. Oh lordy, these rumors are fascinating but also annoying in what little we really get from them.

Justice League DC Comics

Of course there are new series rumors, a Teen Titans with Damian as the leader, a Titans series, a book called The Super Man, Man of Steel, New Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps, and a Justice Society of America book. Add in the rumor that we could get a book centering around the Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman coming after the Rebirth, I’m curious. Of course then you have all the rumored cancellations of Starfire, Grayson, Black Canary, Batman/Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Midnighter,  and Doctor Fate. With Starfire possibly in Titans, Grayson back to Nightwing, and Black Canary in a Birds of Prey book. I’m not shocked by this as this seems like a way to get everything to a slate of stuff that’s either in development for TV or a possible movie deal at some point. At least it shows they’re working towards something here if the rumors are proven true. It’ll be a shame to lose some great titles if proven true but when DC goes about a new initiative, they don’t hesitate to go cancellation crazy.

Now I wonder how this is going to play out anyway, as one last rumor appeared as I’ve been writing this. The last bit being that this could be a relaunch or possibly a reboot. I was figuring relaunch but I was keeping a cautious eye on a reboot. The rumor force is real here but I’m not putting anything past DC at this point. The annoying part of this is as these rumors have been released is something I’ve mentioned on my twitter, I wish DC would say something about this. I figure they’ll talk more after Batman V Superman if the first rumor is true but I wish they would say something more about DC Rebirth. Control the information and tell us at least what you can rather than leave the DC Rebirth info to rumor sites and endless speculation.

This is why I’ve said throughout this that this is all rumors, I really wanted to get the thoughts I have here off my chest. If you all have anything to say though, feel free to leave me a comment. Talk to me on twitter about it, vent to me, I’ll vent back, we’ll have fun, we’ll have good chats. All we have is the DC Rebirth image and a whole ton of a rumors. Let’s dissect this together and if you have anything to rant about, I’ll be happy to listen. Thank you for reading my Thought Process on this ride. June isn’t that far away but we’ll know sooner or later what kind of adventure we are all going to be in for.