The Art of Refinding your Mojo

So, hi Internet, this is straight up a blog. Nothing fancy, just me wanting to have a quick chat. I don’t really care that much about SEO here or anything else. All this post is about is really getting my mind back on track again. I’m slowly working my way back to functioning so to speak. It’s weird to admit this and I know not many people will read this blather but hey, here we are. I feel it’s important to sort of talk about what the heck is going through your mind. Some people don’t like talking about whatever goes through their head, me I’m fairly open about it. I was told not to be by more than a few people, which probably messed me up in some way. Oh well, but yeah hang in there for a bit as I talk to you all about me refinding my mojo.

Yet I still keep up the subheading gimmick either way because me. It’s my gimmick now.

In my quest to find my mojo again I’ve sort of been wandering. Just wandering about, not quite sure how to talk about my lost mojo. I’ve been a little shaky at times and not quite in a good headspace on occasion. It’s been a little all over the map in my mind. Maybe it’s heat or just a sense of feeling lost, that’s me. Yet I’m working my way back home. I’ve felt disenchanted with a lot of aspects in comics internet for one thing. Heck sometimes while I talk comics on twitter even I want to keep a level of detachment from the last. Which doesn’t help mojo either way but there we are. As any of us who hang out on twitter or any social media for too long, it’s a freaking hellscape out there.

I had talked about doing streaming for awhile but never could pull the switch on it. I just wandered around the twitch sphere a lot. Mostly lurking and trying to figure it out. I’m the grand master of lurking around either way. Heck getting me talking in a chat room for too long on anywhere is tough as nails. Yes I know it sounds weird from someone on Twitter but Twitter is easier than an immediate chat room. It’s hard to figure out what to say so you end up lurking, so much lurking. I started hopping around randomly. Hopping here and there and I found a random room. Weirdly enough I got welcomed. On one stream I wandered into they were playing Fallout 4 and I found a random Fallout 4 stream. This is where things get interesting.

Heck I am surprised by this one. To think just one random visit turned into something bigger than I expected.

I’ll talk more on this as I get closer to a streaming schedule but I found a group called The Nest. I got welcomed in and they helped me figure out how to stream. Seriously, I had no idea what I was doing but now with one supportive group, it helped get my mojo back. My very broken and battle damaged mojo is sort of healing itself back up again. Now I even want to write more again and get back on track after a period of not caring about much at all. It’s weird to say all of this but again it’s honest and well, sometimes you just have to admit you’re not in the best state of mind. Now I’m getting back in the game so to speak. Figuring out games to stream and a schedule for streaming in general. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes me with streaming and getting my writing life back on track. There will games, there will be talks, and overall, it’ll be a lot of fun. Thanks for hanging in there with me those of you that have. I’m slowly but surely enjoying myself again and I feel a lot less alone in the process. More updates to come and more cool columns as well. Take care everyone, bye for now.

Yes the Ambush Bug is totally random for this post but hey it works as a random image for this. Because actual Mojo is weird.