The Great Social Media Battle of 2016: Marvel vs. DC Movies

DC Marvel Social Media Logos

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Social Media was a unique place in 2016 within pop culture. There are many factors to dive into but one stood out, Marvel vs. DC Movies. You had MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) represented by Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, both for the most part getting positive marks. With the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) you had Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad getting decidedly mixed reviews. Now the battleground with MCU and DCEU gets interesting with social media comes into play. We had an MCU backlash happen within the social media landscape and a battle with DCEU over their content as well. With both MCU and DCEU fans in a divisive and comical at points battle online, I’m going to explore this a bit. So let’s dive into the Great Social Media Battle of 2016, MCU vs. DCEU.

Let the Social Media Exploration Begin!

Now I debated writing a column like this for ages. You could see me on my own twitter debating this idea. Yet it’s been in me for months now to write about this. Possibly because I seem to be a rare voice of calm in the midst of the social media battles. What was so frustrating about the MCU and DCEU battles is these arguments would borderline on the ridiculous. Take note of this, the petition against Rotten Tomatoes. People got mad about Rotten Tomatoes and how MCU films scored higher than DCEU films. Among the many arguments, the Rotten Tomatoes battle on social media bordered on the hilarious. Simple version, people thought Disney/Marvel bought Critics to give Marvel movies good reviews and DC films bad ones. Yes, a petition was started over this and it is as silly as it sounds.

Now in my own personal perspective, I enjoyed the films of the MCU and DCEU alike. None of them were perfect but I had a good time at the theater watching them and ultimately that’s what counts. Same with other viewers who liked the films. Yet some, a mighty battle was in full swing over which company had the superior films. Arguments were varied from thoughtful to downright insane arguments. Usually, it boils down to if you like or dislike a film but some people then get into full-blown hysterics and war begins. Many of you out there reading this who are on any kind of social media, you have seen the threads and are likely getting flashbacks. I wasn’t immune to it either as everyone got dragged into these threads at one point.

From these Social Media arguments on MCU vs. DCEU, It boiled to another conversation, tone.

Now another argument that initiated a lot of quirky situations is the tone of the MCU vs. DCEU. MCU trends towards a lighter tone, brighter costumes, and overall a friendly atmosphere for the viewership. Now for DCEU it has trended darker with a more intense tone to the films. Yet a lot of people weren’t happy with the darker tone. Look at the MCU, they have a gameplan and they know where they’re going to go. DCEU saw the films making money, but not as much as Warner Bros. would have liked, especially with Batman v Superman. Now going forward DC is working towards a lighter tone in their films, as noted with Geoff Johns stating as much. Now the DCEU is forming a game plan and we’ll see how Wonder Woman and Justice League are received next year.

2016 was a divisive year on many fronts, so what does 2017 hold?

Now MCU wise we have Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and Thor: Ragnarok hitting in 2017. DCEU has their powerhouse lineup and Marvel has a powerful lineup too. Next year is going to be stacked and I can imagine that the arguments will be a wild ride come 2017. We’ll see what the lighter tone of DCEU will be and what will happen with that. With the MCU we’ll get to see if they can keep the money train rolling on into 2017. The fans on social media will keep the fire and hype for these movies throughout the year, good or bad.

Many arguments will be held over the coming months as the MCU and DCEU make announcements and as the films are released.  2016 was a weird year on many fronts. If you’re wondering, no one won the Marvel vs. DC argument with the films. At the end of it all, it’s all about what you like. There’s no big conspiracy from either Disney or Warner Bros. with these films and the critics. People like what they like and critics are like anyone else, they like what they like. A good or bad movie is in the eye of the person watching it. If someone likes or hates something, no massive tweet storm, facebook post, or whatever else, it won’t steer them to your way of thinking. It may give them a new perspective but won’t change their mind entirely.

No one ever wins in an Internet battle, it just gets weirder and more annoying as it goes along.

The arguments on social media with Marvel vs. DC movies will keep going and evolve in many strange directions. We won’t know the full scope of a DCEU tonal change until Justice League and maybe somewhat into Wonder Woman. Just as Marvel will have to keep on keeping on and we’ll see how things go for them in the new year.

If you take anything away from this, let people like what they like. In my own case, I want both the MCU and DCEU to have a great 2017 ahead. If you like both, that’s awesome and the best way to be in my opinion. If you prefer MCU over DCEU, that’s okay too just don’t be a jerk to the fans who prefer the DCEU. Same goes for the DCEU fans, don’t be jerks to the MCU fans, be nice to another in 2017 as 2016 has been weird enough.

Just be excellent to one another my friends.

It’s interesting how this became much more thoughtful as I wrote it. At this stage though I am tired of the battleground and want some kind of unity in this crazy universe. For 2017 give me this Internet, quit it. You can have debates about the films of the MCU and DCEU without it becoming a mega battle. Enjoy what films you want to enjoy and may 2017 be one with less ridiculous Internet fights.



Wrestling Chat: TNA in 2016 is Stranger Than Ever

Copyright: Impact Wrestling/TNA

Copyright: Impact Wrestling/TNA

If you had told me that in 2016 the last best hope for TNA is Billy Corgan, I’d be cracking up. If you follow any wrestling news at all, TNA is in trouble, big trouble. Of course, financial issues and TNA is a day ending with y. These issues are on a new scale. For one Corgan is suing Impact Ventures, the parent company of TNA, for reasons sealed and therefore unknown to us. Even more so, it is also being sued by a production company and they owe Tennessee taxes, a lot of them. Now Dixie Carter still owns it as she’s finagled money in ways that we can only imagine to keep it afloat. Yet Corgan was going to have more ownership of the beleaguered company and Dixie seems to have made that complicated. Why I’m writing this is more, can TNA dig itself out of this hole?

Straight up this is me pondering a lot of TNA madness, have fun.

Let’s put this in perspective, Billy Corgan is the only person who seems to care about TNA as a product. Dixie is hanging on to whatever power she can muster to the detriment of the company. Yet Corgan is having to deal with a mess that Dixie was keeping quiet, from what I can tell anyway. I don’t want to see TNA die, far from it, I want to see it thrive to be another place for wrestlers to work. It’s a scary thing when WWE doesn’t have competition so the more competition out there for the WWE, the better. TNA got good press for the first time in ages with Broken Matt Hardy and the rest of the Hardy Clan. Now alas that has been put to the wayside as these financial issues and such have started up.

Here’s the ultimate thing on TNA though, will it survive everything that is happening? I won’t link anything as so far it is all in the land of rumors but WWE was in the running to buy TNA’s Video Library. It’s all rumors as now the current TNA financial state is putting everything in flux. It has been in tough spots before and managed to crawl out of them but this is the toughest one yet. The one person seriously interested in making this profitable is held up in lawsuit hell and that’s only the start of the issues. If you had told me that TNA would go this nuts in 2016, I’d never believe it. From a successful angle with The Hardys to the brink of destruction once more.

TNA in 2016: Weird even for TNA

There are TNA sale rumors all over the place outside of the video library, which is really all WWE would want honestly. You have people like Jeremy Borash trying to throw people off the scent of these rumors but something is going to happen with this company and soon. Since Borash works there it makes sense that he would be front and center trying to tell people all is well. Hard to say all is well when you’re in debt to the tune $3.4 million. You don’t come back from $3.4 million in debt easily, even if you’re a company that’s survived what this one has.

All I can say at this point is I hope for the best for TNA this time around. Impact Wrestling is a solid show and has improved a lot in the past few months. By the end of this year or even some point in the next, we will likely know the fate of TNA Impact Wrestling. I wish them luck as this my friends is going to be tough even for the company that will not die.


A Tale of Two Endings: The Walking Dead and Wrestlemania 32

Roman Reigns and Negan Walking Dead WWE

The Walking Dead aired its season finale last night and Wrestlemania 32 was on as well, social media was buzzing along. Both shows had anticipated and dreaded endings, depending on which side of the fence you fell on. The Walking Dead had the rise of Negan while Wrestlemania 32 had Roman Reigns vs. Triple H and the Rise of the Roman Empire. For The Walking Dead, we knew that someone was going to die, and on Wrestlemania 32 we knew that Roman Reigns was going to be champion. On The Walking Dead people were wondering who the death was going to be and on Wrestlemania 32 people wondered how Roman Reigns was going to win the belt. Chatter was intense on both sides of things both on The Walking Dead and all around the WWE Universe with Wrestlemania 32. You can say social media was on fire Sunday night. The way both things went down and we knew were about to happen, didn’t happen in quite the way anyone could have imagined. The rage and confusion went on throughout the night, with happiness and calm hidden throughout the chatter. What makes these two endings so polarizing for the fans? That is what we are here to talk about today. A Tale of Two Endings, two endings of events that we knew how it was going to go down, yet the results were not what we expected. The conversation starts now.

(Forewarning, there will be spoilers. Mild ones to be sure but if you haven’t seen The Walking Dead or Wrestlemania 32 yet, turn back now.)

For everyone still here after my spoiler tag, yes there has to be spoilers because these are endings and endings are always spoilers. The Walking Dead is mainly the one I’m warning about as I know people who wait to watch those shows and if they see something they don’t want to see, I would feel bad. That is why we are starting with The Walking Dead as I figure this is going to get a lot of people curious about this article. The big villain of The Walking Dead is revealed, Negan is here. Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes for a great looking Negan and brings him to life with absolute perfection. You see him with Lucille, his barbed wire baseball bat, and already your heart is beating out of your chest. As the survivors were pushed to their knees, I couldn’t turn away from the screen a second. Negan gives his speech as declares that someone has to die, the jaws of the entire audience dropped. Lucille is at the ready as he does the creepiest game of eeny meeny miny moe ever, deciding who was going to fall. As Lucille falls, the blood flies into the camera and all we see is Negan bashing away as the show ends with blood covering the screen.  That was how The Walking Dead ended the season, angering and exciting everyone in the process. Then on the other side, welcome to Wrestlemania 32 where things take another turn.

Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan Walking Dead

Now, Wrestlemania 32 is a different yet strangely similar story to The Walking Dead. It was a foregone conclusion, everyone knew WWE was going to crown Roman Reigns as champion. There was no changing this course, Roman Reigns was going to be champ. You couldn’t help but wonder though how he was going to become the champ, how was this going to end?  Was Roman Reigns going to turn heel, was he going to win by some sort of controversial decision, and people were talking about it right up to the end. Roman had mixed reactions over the past few months, booing mixed in with the cheers and it was getting ugly. Triple H as the heel (bad guy) champion was getting more cheers than Roman. A lot of people were wondering if there was going to be some kind of audible called, yet that was not to be. Roman Reigns won clean over Triple H and is now your WWE World Heavyweight Champion. A decisive victory for Roman Reigns. Setting off the WWE Universe in a hailstorm of happiness and rage. Now the comparison can begin, why do these two endings compare to one another? All shall be revealed.

Roman Reigns WWE Champion

Negan bashing someones head in was a foregone conclusion in The Walking Dead as much as Roman Reigns winning the championship was at Wrestlemania. It was the way the endings were done that set people off as much as it made them happy. These endings were primed for strong reactions. Now with The Walking Dead, you’re waiting until later this year for any kind of resolution to that brutal cliffhanger. From the cut away of doom that set blood pressures rising to the divisive ending of a wrestling match. For the WWE with Roman Reigns, you have Monday Night Raw to see where this could end up going from here. In the months to come though, both of these endings are going to have people talking. They’re amazing conversation pieces no matter how the chat goes, positive or negative. With The Walking Dead, that season premiere is going to break records as people are going to come back and watch. Now with Monday Night Raw, people are going to tune in just to see what happens next. In turn we will get a hint of what will be in store in the months to come following Wrestlemania 32 and the results of that event.

Two endings, two highly polarizing endings, that have resolutions that hit upon every emotion in the social media universe. Two major events on Television that had anticipated endings for better or for worse. The conversation is still going as the resolutions of these endings are still unknown as to what impact they will ultimately have. Whatever the case may be though, these two endings are going to be great for AMC with The Walking Dead and the WWE for Wrestlemania. Love or hate, these two endings have created a lot of conversation. The social media adventure has only just begun for both companies, what will happen next? That remains to be seen yet I know we got a long road ahead of us and at least it will be an interesting one.

(Special Notes on more of my feelings on this: Roman Reigns is the Champion, I expected it and I’m cool with it but people who aren’t happy with him winning, be nice to the Roman Reigns fans who are happy, please and thank you. On The Walking Dead, that was brutal and I didn’t see the cliffhanger coming but I am not kidding, that season premiere will break a ton of records when it hits. Brutal cliffhanger but it is going to pay off huge for the show down the line.)


Thought Process on DC Rebirth Rumors: The Slow News Day Made Interesting

DC Rebirth Image

DC Rebirth, you’ve heard about it, I’ve heard about it, and if you’ve even wandered in comics internet at all, you know something about it. The DC Rebirth rumors appearing on Bleeding Cool since late January, it’s been a topic of conversation. Today on February 2nd, 2016 on Bleeding Cool as it has been all day DC Rebirth rumors all the time. It must be a slow news day as even Comic Book Resources reported on the BC Rumors. Normally I would wait for official confirmation. Yet when CBR is reporting on the rumors, I feel why the heck not say something on it. It’s on my mind, it is on your mind, and let’s have ourselves a good old DC Rebirth jamboree of conversation. I want to process this, you want to process this craziness. As always as you read this, this is all rumors. Every single last bit of this are rumors. The only confirmation is from DC themselves with that Rebirth image. Outside of that we know little else. It’s fun to speculate on these things but Bleeding Cool is a rumor site, so take it as you will. Anyway, on to my Thought Process on the DC Rebirth rumors as by golly miss molly I got a lot to say on this.

First off, the one big shiny rumor out of this that something within Batman V Superman is part of this Rebirth is fascinating. According to this rumor it says that there’s a plot point within Batman V Superman that no one working on any of the new comics or in editorial know a thing about. Oh man alive this is going to be fascinating if proven true. As the rumor was that the line is going to have a Movies and Television focus to it then this sort of thing makes a certain amount of sense. We are nearing the date of the release of this film fast and by the way keep your spoiler radars on full alert, this will probably end up a spoiler before release. I can easily see it happen as this concerns a comic event and if this is part of it, someone is going to spoil that sucker on overdrive. Boy the curiosity of comic fans got even more piqued or horrified depending on your view of Batman V Superman thanks to this rumor huh?

Now we even have creative team rumors coming out of this, Tom King possibly writing Batman on a bi-weekly basis with Peter Tomasi taking over Superman on a bi-weekly basis. Now also on the actual article Rich made a potential whoops and put bi-monthly but I’m thinking he meant bi-weekly as he has in the title of the article. I like both writers and if it is true then the books will be in good hands with them at the helm of both series. The bi-weekly is going to be tough haul either way but both writers are good hands, now we’ll see who they get on art but at least writing wise we’re in good shape if the rumors are proven true. Of course these are only two names we know so far and again we are in the lovely land of Rumorville.

Then we get into the whole “Rebirth” book release before the release of the relaunched titles with a #1 to follow the release. With of course Batman potentially having a #1 release in June. I mean, bi-weekly wonderland sure but a “Rebirth” book would be better say in the concept of a pre-release book talking about DC’s new concept. I have no idea how this one is going to play out either way. I know again, we’re in rumor land but I hope this is plotted out better than what I’m reading from the rumor mill.  I hope it is used more for a select few books if they go that route with this rumor of a “Rebirth” issue to lead into the #1. I think the idea of a “Rebirth” in this DC Rebirth initiative would be better as a free pre-release book but I have no idea how this will play out so we shall have to see. Oh lordy, these rumors are fascinating but also annoying in what little we really get from them.

Justice League DC Comics

Of course there are new series rumors, a Teen Titans with Damian as the leader, a Titans series, a book called The Super Man, Man of Steel, New Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps, and a Justice Society of America book. Add in the rumor that we could get a book centering around the Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman coming after the Rebirth, I’m curious. Of course then you have all the rumored cancellations of Starfire, Grayson, Black Canary, Batman/Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Midnighter,  and Doctor Fate. With Starfire possibly in Titans, Grayson back to Nightwing, and Black Canary in a Birds of Prey book. I’m not shocked by this as this seems like a way to get everything to a slate of stuff that’s either in development for TV or a possible movie deal at some point. At least it shows they’re working towards something here if the rumors are proven true. It’ll be a shame to lose some great titles if proven true but when DC goes about a new initiative, they don’t hesitate to go cancellation crazy.

Now I wonder how this is going to play out anyway, as one last rumor appeared as I’ve been writing this. The last bit being that this could be a relaunch or possibly a reboot. I was figuring relaunch but I was keeping a cautious eye on a reboot. The rumor force is real here but I’m not putting anything past DC at this point. The annoying part of this is as these rumors have been released is something I’ve mentioned on my twitter, I wish DC would say something about this. I figure they’ll talk more after Batman V Superman if the first rumor is true but I wish they would say something more about DC Rebirth. Control the information and tell us at least what you can rather than leave the DC Rebirth info to rumor sites and endless speculation.

This is why I’ve said throughout this that this is all rumors, I really wanted to get the thoughts I have here off my chest. If you all have anything to say though, feel free to leave me a comment. Talk to me on twitter about it, vent to me, I’ll vent back, we’ll have fun, we’ll have good chats. All we have is the DC Rebirth image and a whole ton of a rumors. Let’s dissect this together and if you have anything to rant about, I’ll be happy to listen. Thank you for reading my Thought Process on this ride. June isn’t that far away but we’ll know sooner or later what kind of adventure we are all going to be in for.


Thought Process: The DC Hanna-Barbera Comic Revamp

Scooby Apocalypse DC Comics

This morning via Entertainment Weekly DC announced that they are doing new comics revamping a group of Hanna-Barbera characters. When I first saw Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Wacky Races, and Future Quest uniting a bunch of the action characters, personally this sounds cool to me. Future Quest putting Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, Mightor, The Galaxy Trio, Birdman, The Impossibles, and Frankenstein Jr. in one book, wow that is amazing! Wacky Races taking influence from Mad Max: Fury Road and making it into Wacky Race Land, heck yes I want that in my life. The Flinstones have a nice design to them because it is Amanda Conner did the new designs and it can’t help but look good. Then you get into the fun zone of the Scooby Doo in the Scooby Apocalypse book. Once people saw the re-design of Scooby-Doo and the gang, parts of the Internet lost their minds. The re-designs by Jim Lee are actually fun for the idea of a Scooby Apocalypse but of course, Internet and anything new equals divided opinions in about five seconds. Yet to me this is not such a bad thing as right now, this is the most people have talked about anything Hanna-Barbera consistently in a long time.

Future Quest DC Comics

Now we know creative teams at least loosely for all the books and I’ll list them below for good measure.

You have Future Quest with Jeff Parker writing it and Evan “Doc” Shaner drawing the book? Wow! That’s an amazing team to have on this series and DC could not have done any better in having them working together on this project. On another note the Darwyn Cooke piece for this is gorgeous and I want it as a poster. This is the series that personally I can’t wait to see how it comes together and my must buy of the whole Hanna-Barbera adventure here.

With Wacky Race Land you have the Wacky Races concept with re-designed vehicles by one of the designers on Mad Max: Fury Road, Mark Sexton. In all I’ve read I haven’t heard officially if he’s the artist on the comic or not but his designs are cool as all get out. I love that the writer of this is Ken Pontac who has worked on many cartoons including ReBoot and Mighty Max but he has written for over the top violent but oddly hilarious Happy Tree Friends. I can’t wait to see how this comes together but this is becoming second only to Future Quest on my level of excitement for this new line.

Now The Flintstones is one I don’t know that much about yet. I know that Amanda Conner did the designs and I know that Mark Russell is writing it. It is supposed to be in line with the comedic and have social commentary and so forth to it. I’m hit or miss on this one as I like The Flintstones but I’ve never been compelled to follow anything much outside of their cartoon show. I did watch that insane WWE/Flinstones crossover movie but you know, that is digressing a bit here.

Scooby Apocalypse is going to be insane and that it is last here is more the fact that I don’t know how this one will play out. You have DC Co-Publisher im Lee with the re-design and Keith Giffen with Howard Porter handling art duties. I think likely Giffen is writing with Jim Lee getting the re-design credit. We don’t know much else about the series right now outside of the fact that this is one serious re-design. This is the one that broke a few minds on the Internet but Scooby Doo has been through so many re-designs over the years that maybe a radical one like this could be a fun one.


Wacky Race Land DC Comics

This is all we know about the Hanna-Barbera Reboot adventure at DC Comics. I haven’t seen this much conversation about Hanna-Barbera in a good while and you know that’s great to see people talking about these properties again. Wacky Races has long been on the back burner and most of the action properties have been on the shelf for years now so this is wonderful to see them come back. If you’re not happy about this for some strange reason, wait for the books to come on the shelf before you continue into the land of the cranky. If you dislike it after reading the comics then it isn’t your cup of tea. I am looking forward to this and these characters getting time in the spotlight again. Even if I’m hit or miss on The Flintstones I am hoping that the book turns out well. I am also allowing myself one last excitement blast over Future Quest as that comic should be mind blowing will likely be the one that’ll satisfy new and old fans alike.

The books make their debut on the shelves in May and then we can all judge for ourselves how this is all going to play out. With this and a DC Rebirth on the way, life at DC Comics has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.