Adventures in the Wonderful World of Twitch Streaming

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As the title says, I am now streaming on Twitch on a regular basis. It’s been an experience to say the least. Now how did I get into streaming on Twitch? Well, as per anything else in my life I kind of stumbled into it. It was one of those things I had only talked about doing and then I decided one day to just try it.  What followed was some of the most surprising new friends and wonderful people I have met in a long time. Over the next few weeks or so I’m going to share more of them. Yet for today, I’m just going to tell you what I am up to with Twitch and put a spotlight on one person in particular. So, sit back and relax as I dive into my adventures into Twitch and beyond.

If you happen to want to follow me on Twitch by the way, I am so feel free to say hi and hang out. 

I told some of this on That’s the Issue but there is a little more to the story. One day I happened to be on Twitch and I had been mostly wandering around. I would call it, I was trying to figure out how it worked. So I looked at a lot of front page streams and as they call it on Twitch, I lurked. I happened upon Lissane’s stream from the front page, she was playing Fallout 4. I decided to say hi and well, people were nice. She was nice, I got gifted a sub for a bad pun by Natiffan, and it was pretty awesome. It made me so happy that I joined The Nest Discord and my journey into Twitch began in full. 

See I had talked about doing Twitch semi seriously, more as a curiosity at best. After all I had no idea about streaming software, game capturing, or anything at all. When I did learn about those and figured out how to get streaming to work, it was only the beginning. First off, streaming off an older laptop is a bad idea for gaming because everything broke for me. Trust me, it was nasty. I saw the clips of those and it was a horror show and a half. Yet, I wasn’t deterred. So I asked my Parents because they could tell I was serious about this,  if I could get an advance birthday present and get a Gaming PC. They loved the idea and I got a new rig. So between supportive people, supportive parents, and a little luck, I am in Twitch to stay. 

If people are nice, I will post those clips of my early streams because they are terrible. Dropped frames and the whole kit and kaboodle. It was a nightmare. 

Now after I got the Gaming PC and all that, now my streams run fine. Yet now I have to fine tune the layouts and all that stuff, so now we are in the fine tuning stage of streaming. One thing I learned is getting the stream to work is only phase one, there’s more to it than that my friends. I’m still learning how to be better at interactions and that’s only the start. Heck I just found a game or two I really enjoy playing, which is a big thing in streaming too, enjoying what you play. Being nice to your chatters is important too, I learned that from being online but on Twitch it is huge. It’s what got me to hang out in the streams I hang out in, if you’re nice to me in chat, I will chat and hang out. That’s how it rolls. 

As for my plans for streaming, I do plan on continuing to stream my journey on Dragon Quest XI. I’ll be likely an afternoon or evening streamer scheduling wise. It seems to work best for me so far. I also try and make it so I don’t interfere too much with other streamers in my community of friends. Hence why I don’t really have a day to day schedule, at least yet. I do also want to do more comic book based programming, between talk shows and just talking comics in general. Meaning I venture into talk show category which is going to be an adventure in itself. I have some other ideas but those are the more solid plans I have in store for my Twitch channel.

Now this is where we get into the plugging a streamer section. She helped me out a lot in my early days of streaming and she’s been a good friend to me. Happy Birthday SpaceAmanda and on with the promo. 

If I was ever going to promo someone first, it was going to end up being Amanda. She and I started talking back and forth just casually, then one day I had a rough night and she talked me through it. It meant a lot to me and I was already hanging in her streams but that earned my loyalty. She does a lot of variety streaming, lately Overwatch and she’s been teaching me the ropes on that game too. She’s also an amateur astronomer, she has a rocking etsy shop, and numerous other awesome things she does. She even attends conventions so if she’s at one near you, check out her facebook page. If you want to learn even more, take a look at her webpage.

I know I’m going to have missed some of the cool things Amanda does but I just wanted to give her this shout out. She’s an absolutely dear friend and I’m lucky to know her. Happy Birthday Amanda, thanks for being a good friend when I needed it. I know I’ll be hanging in your stream but also happy three months of being subscribed to you on your channel. Now after that probably overly adorable promo for a friend and me slightly blushing, let’s finish this blog of fun shall we?

Yes, when I do a plug for someone it is usually me blushing because I hope I get it right. It’s either I get teary or I blush the entire time, no real in-between with me. 

So feel free and join me on my Twitch journey and also say hi to my friend SpaceAmanda. Thanks for reading this and I do plan on more updates to this blog after this too. I think I got my spark back. Take care everyone and I hope you all have a great day out there. 

GWL Reborn 9/3/17: Lacking Game of Thrones on a Sunday

Now this my friends is what we call a shameless SEO moment with Game of Thrones. Of course no Game of Thrones for more than a year on HBO makes me sad. Here we are though, a Sunday without Game of Thrones. Yes, I know we’ll have The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead soon but that doesn’t fill the hole. Nothing fills my Sundays best like seeing a dragon or two on my TV screen, alas I’ll just have to settle for zombies in Georgia. Of course, now I am left with what to do with my Sunday nights TV wise. Well there’s always fun options and we’re going to talk that and more in the daily GWL adventures. Join me won’t you? On with the show my friends and what a show it is indeed.

Yes I made the shameless SEO Game of Thrones gag so no one else has to. I make the jokes before the rest of the peanut gallery.

Game of Thrones logo HBO

Shameless Game of Thrones HBO Image here.

It is strange when you’re without Game of Thrones or any sort of show that a lot of people talk about. Walking Dead used to be that show everyone talked about on a Sunday. Now while the Walking Dead is still getting ratings that most networks would kill for, the social media engagement isn’t there. Unless something huge happens on The Walking Dead, people just watch and go on their merry way. Now you note I don’t mention Fear the Walking Dead here as that show never quite had that level of engagement. The first season of Fear the Walking Dead had curiosity value and then it faded away fast. Yet another show that gets decent ratings but no one really talks about. Of course I will say the recent season has been pretty good. So there’s that.

Now outside of a podcast recording tonight for That’s the Issue with my pal Matt Lune, my Sunday is open. Matt and I go on really weird hiatuses with that show but of course that also coincided with Game of Thrones. Sunday night was one of our backup recording nights until Game of Thrones and we both like it a lot. It may not be a great guest night but for Matt and I to get a show recorded, Sunday night is perfect. Considering we are discussing Secret Empire and finishing that up, we’ll be looking forward to a new journey podcast wise. It is funny that for awhile That’s the Issue became a Secret Empire podcast, but it did. Did I mention I’m glad that outside of the epilogue Secret Empire is over? I am really glad Secret Empire is over.

More to come on my thoughts on Secret Empire on the podcast. I have thoughts, so many thoughts on that. Have fun.

Now I roll out and see what my Sunday will have in store for me. I’ll likely get a wild hair and come up with something fun to do. Maybe even catch up on some more reading. Oh if you haven’t noticed my plan is with this blog to do at least one daily post of blogging. Nothing fancy, just me talking about whatever I want for a hot minute here. It is my blog and you know I should do more long form rambling outside of 140 word tweet blasts. For anyone that read my mega ramble, I thank you as that was two hours of my life. I appreciate anyone that read that and if you haven’t, I understand. I completely understand as that is a 1,000+ word adventure. Even if you just glanced at it I appreciate it. It’s all good either way.

I am going to get back to my Sunday adventures as right now I am writing this while I am waiting for my laundry to finish. Go me being productive on both fronts. Till next post, be well, be kind, and always remember to be wonderful to each other. Bye for now!

The True Comeback of the GWL: 9/2/2017: Pondering Comic Book Internet

My goodness this has been a weird Summer in Comic Book Internet huh? This Summer was a little rough on me as a lot of the time I’ve been off and on sick and I think I was suffering from some hard burn out on the current state of things lately. Comic Book Internet has been a ride over the past few months and beyond. The way things were operating within the sphere of comic book internet and leaving me to re-evaluate what I like in comics in general. I had a period recently where I was buying books but not reading as much as I should. Meaning I was starting to feel a sense of burnout with comics, that’s not a good thing. I give to you all sort of my mindset into comic book internet lately. Sit back, this is a ride. A very wild ride indeed.

I will be amazed if anyone can end up reading this ramble on Comic Book Internet easily. This comes off rambling in my own mind too.

I’ve been around in Comic Book Internet for a long time and like I tell people, I stumbled into it. Learned most of what I know within the sphere of things by learning on the fly to be blunt. Didn’t really figure out what I was doing writing wise until I got involved with Comics Crux. I always say Comics Crux was where I had the most fun writing wise as that was my most active period online. Rhymes with Geek being a close second as near the end of that site I was having an absolute blast writing wise. In the midst of this the past bit or so I was really planning on doing way more with my own site here. Then along the way I lost focus in my own writing. That’s a brutal thing to admit too. I lost focus.

Strange to say but I didn’t know where I really fit into the scheme of things anymore. I’m not that old yet but I’m not the wide eyed and bushy tailed soul I once was. I’m still me and I’m still liking what I like but there was a disconnect. I felt disconnected to a lot of the comic book scene as of late. It’s the sense of being around but yet not really feeling part of anything. Which then lead to me just not really writing and not having that fire to write much at all on Comic Books or at least struggle to get words out. Outside quick twitter blasts and so forth and podcasting, trying to talk comics got rougher for me. I guess you can say, it stopped being fun. That’s even more brutal to admit.

I know I’m formatting this in my usual format but this is rough to write this piece. Raw as anything I’ve written in a long time.

When I wrote something on Secret Empire in my word processor and it may never see the light of day but it felt good to write. It felt nice to just write my thoughts on something and let it out, even if likely it would only be me reading it initially. In my time away from things I have been reading books and itching to get back into things. Yet before my Secret Empire blather I couldn’t get the firepower to complete much of anything. In writing two small reviews, I didn’t feel like it had that same energy you know? I remember last year when I was starting to do the issue by issue stuff of series and I had fun with it. Then I lost focus and faded off into something else. You’ll note losing focus is a theme here.

In turn with my own writing I started getting hit with minor but yet annoying health crap but absorbed my mind. It bothered me and put my mind in another place. Even as I got better and getting better from the health crap, I still felt lost. It was writing an Amazon review for my friend Heather Ness and her book Broken Heroes that started to bring me to life. It felt good writing a simple Amazon review and also doing something cool for a friend. She asked me to review this and that she wanted my opinion made me happy. In reading her thoughts about the people who make up the Defenders, I fully admit to tearing up a couple times. When you’re on an emotional rollercoaster in writing, you never know what hits you.

Fun Comics

Losing focus and being on an emotional rollercoaster are two major themes here it seems.

I realized that why my stuff at Comics Crux felt so effortless at times is it felt like a family.  A great group of writers and an editor who rocks and is still my friend to this day. I think if it wasn’t for Jess being my editor back then, I would have run screaming years ago. Then Rhymes with Geek happened right after the end of Comics Crux and I never took the time to grieve the loss of that site. I was on to the next thing by sheer force of someone asking me to join a site a period where I felt lost in the midst of writing. Oh, I was still writing but some of that stuff in the early days was rough. Then by the end of Rhymes with Geek, it was a lot of fun, then the site ended. It gets weird from there.

Within my own headspace I felt that while my writing is as strong as ever, the level of disconnect shows at times. If you know me and see when I am writing something that I am writing just to write it, it shows and it is brutal. Anyone that knows me well that reads this is probably going to tell me I’m being hard on myself. It’s a gift though as they say as you are your own harshest critic. The past few months I’ve not been feeling it writing wise and now I think I’m game to dive back into things again. Maybe the universe is telling me that I need to focus more time on my own stuff again. I need to embrace the fun of my Comic Book Internet universe and talk about what I am passionate in.

Now this is where the fun begins, this is where the hope for the future comes into play.

At my core I do like writing online and I love writing about pop culture and comic books. It’s something I will find I always like and you know I realize I still have something left in the tank. This guy isn’t running on empty yet that’s for sure. In having a chat with a new fan at random recently it also helped me realize that I do have some sort of fire left in me. It was cool as the fan was grabbing old comics and it made me smile at his enthusiasm for the medium. I needed that way more than I realized. That is what made me realize that now it is time for the real comeback of the Geek Who Landed on the Internet, Wesley Messer is going to live again online by golly.

Put it this way, prepare yourselves for a level of weird like no other. I’m going full bore into stuff that I’ve had on the back burner for way too long. Life is too short not to have fun with what you do and when you’ve been as lost as I have been, embracing fun is a good thing. My role in Comic Book Internet is really, I like fun, I like the weird, I like the strange, and now I’m feeling more like that again. I’ve been raring to go off and on but then I lose that fire just as fast but right now, I’m truly ready. It is time to embrace the awesome in comics again once more and for my writing to show it. I’m optimism, I’m light, and I’m not going to dwell in the darkness anymore. It’s time to have fun.

Bringing the fun back to Comic Book Internet, yeah I can dig that.

Prepare yourselves for a content blast like no other, I got a game plan and I have a lot of ideas as for what I want to do with this site. This was a rough post to write but I’m glad I did. Even if I’m writing this late at night in the midst of a sleepless adventure. Welcome to the World of Wesley Messer and my time as the Geek Who Landed. I’m back, I’m ready, and let the fun begin.


The Great Social Media Battle of 2016: Marvel vs. DC Movies

DC Marvel Social Media Logos

Copyright: Logos from Marvel and DC Comics

Social Media was a unique place in 2016 within pop culture. There are many factors to dive into but one stood out, Marvel vs. DC Movies. You had MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) represented by Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, both for the most part getting positive marks. With the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) you had Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad getting decidedly mixed reviews. Now the battleground with MCU and DCEU gets interesting with social media comes into play. We had an MCU backlash happen within the social media landscape and a battle with DCEU over their content as well. With both MCU and DCEU fans in a divisive and comical at points battle online, I’m going to explore this a bit. So let’s dive into the Great Social Media Battle of 2016, MCU vs. DCEU.

Let the Social Media Exploration Begin!

Now I debated writing a column like this for ages. You could see me on my own twitter debating this idea. Yet it’s been in me for months now to write about this. Possibly because I seem to be a rare voice of calm in the midst of the social media battles. What was so frustrating about the MCU and DCEU battles is these arguments would borderline on the ridiculous. Take note of this, the petition against Rotten Tomatoes. People got mad about Rotten Tomatoes and how MCU films scored higher than DCEU films. Among the many arguments, the Rotten Tomatoes battle on social media bordered on the hilarious. Simple version, people thought Disney/Marvel bought Critics to give Marvel movies good reviews and DC films bad ones. Yes, a petition was started over this and it is as silly as it sounds.

Now in my own personal perspective, I enjoyed the films of the MCU and DCEU alike. None of them were perfect but I had a good time at the theater watching them and ultimately that’s what counts. Same with other viewers who liked the films. Yet some, a mighty battle was in full swing over which company had the superior films. Arguments were varied from thoughtful to downright insane arguments. Usually, it boils down to if you like or dislike a film but some people then get into full-blown hysterics and war begins. Many of you out there reading this who are on any kind of social media, you have seen the threads and are likely getting flashbacks. I wasn’t immune to it either as everyone got dragged into these threads at one point.

From these Social Media arguments on MCU vs. DCEU, It boiled to another conversation, tone.

Now another argument that initiated a lot of quirky situations is the tone of the MCU vs. DCEU. MCU trends towards a lighter tone, brighter costumes, and overall a friendly atmosphere for the viewership. Now for DCEU it has trended darker with a more intense tone to the films. Yet a lot of people weren’t happy with the darker tone. Look at the MCU, they have a gameplan and they know where they’re going to go. DCEU saw the films making money, but not as much as Warner Bros. would have liked, especially with Batman v Superman. Now going forward DC is working towards a lighter tone in their films, as noted with Geoff Johns stating as much. Now the DCEU is forming a game plan and we’ll see how Wonder Woman and Justice League are received next year.

2016 was a divisive year on many fronts, so what does 2017 hold?

Now MCU wise we have Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and Thor: Ragnarok hitting in 2017. DCEU has their powerhouse lineup and Marvel has a powerful lineup too. Next year is going to be stacked and I can imagine that the arguments will be a wild ride come 2017. We’ll see what the lighter tone of DCEU will be and what will happen with that. With the MCU we’ll get to see if they can keep the money train rolling on into 2017. The fans on social media will keep the fire and hype for these movies throughout the year, good or bad.

Many arguments will be held over the coming months as the MCU and DCEU make announcements and as the films are released.  2016 was a weird year on many fronts. If you’re wondering, no one won the Marvel vs. DC argument with the films. At the end of it all, it’s all about what you like. There’s no big conspiracy from either Disney or Warner Bros. with these films and the critics. People like what they like and critics are like anyone else, they like what they like. A good or bad movie is in the eye of the person watching it. If someone likes or hates something, no massive tweet storm, facebook post, or whatever else, it won’t steer them to your way of thinking. It may give them a new perspective but won’t change their mind entirely.

No one ever wins in an Internet battle, it just gets weirder and more annoying as it goes along.

The arguments on social media with Marvel vs. DC movies will keep going and evolve in many strange directions. We won’t know the full scope of a DCEU tonal change until Justice League and maybe somewhat into Wonder Woman. Just as Marvel will have to keep on keeping on and we’ll see how things go for them in the new year.

If you take anything away from this, let people like what they like. In my own case, I want both the MCU and DCEU to have a great 2017 ahead. If you like both, that’s awesome and the best way to be in my opinion. If you prefer MCU over DCEU, that’s okay too just don’t be a jerk to the fans who prefer the DCEU. Same goes for the DCEU fans, don’t be jerks to the MCU fans, be nice to another in 2017 as 2016 has been weird enough.

Just be excellent to one another my friends.

It’s interesting how this became much more thoughtful as I wrote it. At this stage though I am tired of the battleground and want some kind of unity in this crazy universe. For 2017 give me this Internet, quit it. You can have debates about the films of the MCU and DCEU without it becoming a mega battle. Enjoy what films you want to enjoy and may 2017 be one with less ridiculous Internet fights.



The GWL Adventures 2/23/16: The Life and Times of a Modern Pro Wrestling Fan

Lucha Underground

So WWF /E, WCW/NWA, USWA, GWF, WCCW, AWA and more, they all make up a big part of my childhood watching pro wrestling on TV. If it was pro wrestling on TV I would be watching it. Back in the late 80’s into early 90’s you could find it all on TV in some form or another. GWF, USWA, AWA, and WCCW was on ESPN, WCW/NWA was on TBS and local stations, and WWF was on USA and local stations as well. I used to gobble up pro wrestling anything like kibble because it was on a lot of stations at one point. Nowadays though the main player in pro wrestling is still the WWE on USA Network with WWE also having the WWE Network. The funny part of the WWE Network is along with old programming of the WWF and WWE it also has the old WCW/NWA, WCCW, AWA, programming of my childhood on there among other things. You note I don’t mention ECW and that’s because I didn’t discover that until my late teens, technically not childhood. Yet nowadays as a modern pro wrestling fan, I always do ponder what has kept me interested in the product after all these years. This is where I talk about that, in my own bit of the Life and Times of a Modern Pro Wrestling Fan.

With me I had my hardcore period of being a pro wrestling fan in the late 90’s. Now why the late 90’s? That was the rise of the Internet and all of the pro wrestling news sites. Now at the click of a button and a 56K modem you could access anything you’d ever want to know and beyond with the pro wrestling scene. I followed so many sites it was unreal from Lords of Pain and beyond, if it was a wrestling site I would be wanting to read it.  Anything to learn more and get more informed about what was going on in the world of wrestling. It was so excited to hear about all these rumors that were going on, sometimes they were false and sometimes they were true, but it was all so exciting either way. I learned about the ratings war of WCW Nitro vs. WWF Monday Night Raw and the hour by hour breakdowns of both shows, ah the days of the Monday Night Wars. Between the ongoing battle of WCW vs. WWF and the rise of ECW, the late 90’s were a great time to be a fan of pro wrestling. Then WWF won the Monday Night Wars and bought WCW, and ECW also being owned by the WWF as well. WWF was the grand powerhouse of wrestling and also the early 00’s were a period where I started to dial back my interest too. I think if I didn’t take the small breaks from pro wrestling I did, I probably wouldn’t be watching today as WWF had a lot of hit or miss years in the 00’s after they bought WCW and I only kept tabs on big events whenever they started up. It was around I think 2007 or so when I got back into things again and haven’t really left since.

I followed NWA/TNA as it developed when I could, especially when it hit Fox Sports and then Spike TV until the product got pretty painful by the end of that run. Yet I still found WWE to be the product I still consistently followed week to week. Then I found WWE to be a hit or miss adventure, TNA only loosely sparking my interest, and ROH started to get on TV recently and I’m still hit or miss on that too. Then a little show on the El Rey Network appeared called Lucha Underground and that’s when I became a reborn pro wrestling fan once more. I even approach WWE and so forth with more interest again thanks to the Lucha Underground express. Being a modern pro wrestling fan can be tough as nails but when you find a great alternative it makes everything else a little more interesting. WWE even has their own alternative with NXT on the WWE Network, it’s still WWE but operates a tiny bit differently than the main roster WWE shows. I’m even exploring new federations on youtube and more, which is a story for another day.

The life of a modern pro wrestling fan is one that doesn’t just revolve around one federation, it revolves around many. Yeah there are your WWE fans and even TNA exclusive fans, yet take a wander and check out new things. On my end, I plan on diving more into ROH more in the coming months to explore even more cool pro wrestling out there. Take care and thanks for reading!

The GWL Adventures 2/9/16: Setting Up The Reading Adventures for the Blog

reading books

A big part of any comic book based blog in reading projects is setting up what you want to read for it. Now here’s the thing with me, I have to organize myself or else my brain goes all over the place. You ever want a level of comedy just watch me try to narrow down projects. It becomes the equivalent of someone in a candy store trying to figure out what he wants to buy but knows he can only buy a couple things. So I went through my comics and narrowed it down to a select bit of comics I want to dive into. That’s not including the long term projects I’m planning on diving into more too. I am going to make point to make these blogs a more regular thing too. These are the Chill Bloggity Thing I did at one point, just GWL Adventures sounds cooler. Anyway, yes I have reading to do soon. The Goodreads Files are going to start pretty soon, mostly because I am backlogged on my reading period. I swear the battle over comic book backlog is going to be a long and wacky adventure, I’m cool with it. Backlog and a reader seem to be a way of life at this point and continue to tie into my ongoing reading adventures.

These are also a great way to get the writing juices flowing either way, I talk about what I’m up and I get a relaxed conversation flow going with you all. Which by the way leads me to another point, feel free to leave me a comment on my stuff. I’m encouraging that as with most of the sites I’ve written at it is tough as nails to get comments going so feel free, say hi. This blog and site in general is about cool stuff that I’m digging and exploring and creating conversation at the same time. I love interactivity so have fun with it, relax, read, and chat with me. So far I am enjoying how this blog is doing so far, and these upcoming posts I’m working on are going to be a lot of fun I think.

I appreciate you all for reading anything I’ve written here so far, I really do appreciate it. It’s been great and every last one of you that have RT’d, liked my facebook page, say hi to me on twitter, whatever else, it is all appreciated. I hope you all are having a good day and me I’m going to continue enjoying my snow day. Take care everyone!

The GWL Adventures for 2/1/16: The Battle to Cut Down My Comic Book Backlog Begins


I am right now working on a couple blog pieces as we speak. Yet it is going to take more time than I thought it would, mostly scanning in pictures and such so I’m going to have a casual comic book chat with you all. Right now I am in the midst of a massive comic book catch up right now. My backlog of books, comic books, and more would probably blow some minds. Not that it wouldn’t shock anyone considering that I’ve learned that more than a few of us have issues in having a massive backlog of books to read. It’s going to be part of my blog too, my comic book catchup. I have a lot of stuff I want to read and setting up more cool content for you all here on the blog is a good incentive. It’s part of my intro here anyway to do a lot with my collection of comics so hey why not get that party started right? I say that is a good plan going forward. You will see a lot of that in the days and weeks to come. My comic book backlog adventures and slowly but surely catching up with my reading. Between my comic books and my goodreads account, there is going to be a lot of love happening on both fronts.

The interesting thing of doing comic book backlog projects is I get to have the fun of getting the scanner going again. That’s always neat as it gives everything a cool DIY feel to everything. My humble GIMP photo editor gets a lot of work too as I go in work with the images after I scan them. I’m going to have to figure out a schedule for this blog too. For anyone reading this, yes you’re getting a behind the scenes into what I’m up to as well. I remember being asked if I would still do these casual blogs and you know they are fun to do. It gives good content for the site and my rule with them is that they will be as well written as a more formal blog post. That’s the rule of these things but with a slight more relaxed tone. If I wanted to go full casual with this, wow that would be a nightmare and a half to read for everybody.

Not sure what a formal schedule will be like yet but I do know that the comic book backlog journey begins in earnest immediately. It is going to be a lot of fun and my reading catch up will be amazing to say the least. Thanks for supporting me so far with my blog for those of you who have been reading thus far. Sorry it has been slow going but I got a game plan and I plan to get into things immediately. Take care everyone and I appreciate you all.


The Geek Who Landed 3.0: The Full Return of the GWL!

This is so weird for me and exciting all at the same time. I’m reviving the Geek Who Landed brand in full today. I’ve been working on this for awhile and got everything organized for the most part today. Yep, that’s right today is the official launch. Though I will be working on layout and general bits and baubles over the coming days. Consider this site still under construction and an ever evolving project as the months go on. If you’re unfamiliar with me, hi I’m Wesley Messer and I’ve been writing for many sites for awhile, Comic Booked, Comics Crux, and so forth. I’ve been around awhile and I’ve always thought about doing my own things and now I am ready to revive this brand and make it stronger than ever.

Now what will I be up to with this new site here? It’s a fully owned domain, it’s going to be my official home so what the heck am I going to be up to? Here are my plans for what will be happening here on the GWL site of fun and wonder. As I have been plotting this out too, trying to set up a good plan for what I want to do with this site and I got a great idea of what I want to do.

First off, yes there will be comic reviews and so forth. I still like doing comic reviews and reviews of current books so that will be happening. I will also be doing looks at what I’m reading currently as I am doing a goodreads challenge so this is going to be where I chronicle that too. Now I also plan on talking Lucha Underground here too, I might not too weekly recaps of the show but hey if I get the itch I may just end up doing that. The other part is I will be doing the reading adventures of different runs of comic books. There is going to be a ton of retro content here, old comic books, cartoons, and so forth. I love oddball old comics and neat retro content so this is going to be a big part of the site. I got a lot of stuff planned for the days, weeks, and months and even years to come really. There’s a lot of comics, lot of TV, and whole lot of other stuff in the works that I am ready to make happen and make this site grow.

Thanks for reading and joining along for the ride. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this. You checking this out means the world to me. To all of those who have been with me for a long time, thanks for being there and thanks for being awesome. Take care and hope you all enjoy what I do here with The Geek Who Landed 3.0.

(Yes I will be doing the casual posts too as for some strange reason people seem to like me being off the cuff so I hey I’m happy to oblige.)